Thursday, November 5, 2015


Jessica, aka"Pickles" as we've come to call her, has become one of the most popular Holizaar vendors.  Having been part of the show from the very start, it wouldn't be a Holizaar without her! Her jams and assorted pickled veggies are so popular that people come to Holizaar just to get them each year.  Made by hand with the help of her sister and husband, Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles' offerings are a delicious treat not to be missed.
Come visit us at Holizaar on Saturday November 21st from 10AM to 4 PM at The Studio@620, located at 620 1st Avenue South in Downtown St Petersburg--Admission is free and all are welcome! 

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Anonymous said...

These ladies are the real deal, folks! Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles puts out an amazing and varied product line, my personal favorites being the Sweet-Heats and Cowboy Candy.

Be careful, though. If you try their products, you WILL be entering into a long-term relationship...