Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Red Cross Thanks The Craft Heroes

Dear Coralette,

By opening your heart to those affected by disaster, your compassion is at work to change someone’s life. Thank you to all those involved with “Craft Heroes” for making a difference.

I am always moved by the letters we receive from families whose lives have been disrupted by disaster. They are filled with gratitude and appreciation, but you should know these letters are not written for us alone-they also are for you. Through your support, lives are being restored each and every day. The Craft Heroes contribution makes an impact, whether it’s providing shelter for a family after a fire, or giving a child a teddy bear to reassure them. The beauty of your gift is that it reduces suffering, rebuilds lives, and creates hope.

Clients like Michael Everett say it best. “You didn’t know me and I didn’t know you, but you came in here and showed that you cared about me and my family.” On behalf of Michael, his family, and the thousands of other people we serve, I thank you for being a generous and compassionate friends to the American Red Cross.

Lise Amundrud

Lise M. Amundrud
Financial Development Officer
American Red Cross - Tampa Bay Chapter
818 4th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

727-422-7038 Cell
727-898-3111 Ext. 235 Office
727-895-3302 Fax

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thanks To All of the Craft Emergency Vendors and Volunteers

The St. Pete Craft Heroes want to thank all of our wonderful vendors, volunteers, and community partners for making Craft Emergency a fabulous event!

See you next time!