Thursday, November 12, 2009

Final Vendor List for Holizaar Deux!

Alluring Lures (fused jewelery)
Anne Painted Verses (fine calligraphy)
BoogieBead (unique beaded jewelry and plush creations)
Crafty Hag (hand printed art, cards, and gifts)
Cute Kitties (plush dogs and cats)
DemiGod Studio (ceramics and world inspired gifts)
Devine Designs (fine jewelry)
Emlee Handmade (hand printed textiles)
Ginger Dead and Friends (hand illustrated cards and jewelry)
Handmade 3D (unique plush pals)
Heatstroke Arts (mixed media octopus paintings)
Jennifer Zoellner (original art and rag dolls)
Julie Dye (hand bound books and gifts)
Kelley Love Designs (fine jewelry)
Marianne Wysocki (paintings)
Meek Lamps (one of a kind lamps and shades)
Natty Moss Bond (art cards and gifts from recycled materials)
Cynthia O'Brien (woven and knitted textiles)
Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles (delicious pickles, jams, and record purses)
Pompei Studios (recycled silver sculpture)

November 21-22, 2009
620 1st Ave. South, St. Petersburg 33701
Free Admission! Lunch Available for Purchase! Get your Shop On!!

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